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The Support You Deserve

I’m a non-medical trained professional that provides women with emotional and physical support throughout pregnancy and birthing. As a Doula, all I want is to be there for you. Childbirth is a big life-changing experience. Like all life-changing experiences, things go smoother when we ask for help. Having the support that we need to have a positive memorable experience.


All About Me

Who I Am

As a well trained Doula, I feel honored to be able to share my expertise with women and families around Kansas City. I approach child care with a new perspective. As well as physical support after labor, my role is also to act as that breath of fresh air. Labor is a beautiful and empowering experience. However facing reality it can leave you mentally and physically exhausted.  I am here to be what you need, so you have time to be the best version of your self for your new baby. 



What I Offer

Mother and Baby

Postpartum Support

Pregnancy, birth and the early days of a child's life can be very scary, exhausting and stressful. My role with my Postpartum Support service is to ensure you get the best information and care possible. I will be with baby during early morning throughout the day so you can sleep. If breastfeeding I will bring baby in with water and a snack. While watching your baby, I clean your home, do meal prep, and watch older siblings. Of course not all households need the same thing.  No matter what you may need, I will be there. Offering support to accommodate your needs.

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Babysitting and Everything In between

I have been a nanny/ housekeeper for years. Making babies and children my life. If you find yourself needing a babysitter, but want someone who goes above and beyond. As a mother I completely understand how it feels to feel like there is never enough time in a day. Never enough done, always something else to be done. There is never enough YOU to go around. I am here to hopefully be those extra hands you NEED!  Playing with kids while taking care of household needs. 

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Date Night + Housekeeping

Can you imagine going out enjoying your time and coming back to a clean home! I have thought about having a service like this for years now. Of course, I have not found anyone. So why not create one. Depend on house size and age of children I team up with another sitter. We plan activities day in advance so not only do you enjoy your time but they do to. Upon request we use all natural cleaning supplies or what you have in your home. We prioritize your home to kitchen then bathrooms taking care of as much of your home as time allows. 

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